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Wednesday April 30
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Thursday May 1
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014
07:45 Registration
08:30-10:30 Parallel Sessions
Intensive Care-Contemporary Management of STEMI
Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors/ Pharmacotherapy
Interventional Cardiology-TAVI1
Echocardiography: Valvular Heart Disease
Ami Cohen Award -Cardiovascular Surgery
Heart Failure
Pacing and Electrophysiology-Clinical EP Ablations
Basic Science
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit 

Plenary Session I- Opening Ceremony

Yoseph Rozenman- President, Israel Heart Society
Gideon Sahar – Chairman, Israeli Society of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
Panos Vardas – President, European Society of Cardiology
Patrick T. O’Gara- President – Elect, American College of Cardiology
Recognition of the Industry Round Table of IHS
:Awarding of new Honorary Members of the Israel Heart Society
Prof. Abraham Caspi, Prof. Eli Ovsyshcher, Prof. Dan Tzivoni
Henry Neufeld Awards

Neufeld Memorial Lectures:

A Critical Review of the ESC/EACTS Guidelines on the Management of Valvular Disease Two Years after the Publication
Alec Vahanian
Bichat University Hospital, Paris, France
Clinical Research and the Development of Medical Therapeutics
Elliott Antman
President-Elect, American Heart Association, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, USA
12:50-14:50 Lunch & Lunch Sessions, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit
12:50-14:50 Lunch – Annual Business Meeting of the Israeli Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery
12:55-14:45 LS1-Lunch Session-Sponsored by –  Medtronic
Place of Minimal Invasive Technologies in Patients Continuum of Care

Chairs: Michael Glikson; Amit Segev, Israel

Optimizing Outcomes for the Endovascular Repair of Type B Dissection
Ian Loftus, St. Georges, London, UK

The Role of Minimally Invasive ICMs in Arrhythmia Diagnosis and Management
Helmut Puererfellner, Elisabethinen Hospital, Linz, Austria

Benefits of Ablation vs. Medication for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation
Panos E. Vardas, President, European Society of Cardiology

CoreValve US Pivotal Trial High Risk Study Results
Haim Danenberg, Hadassah Hebrew University Medical Center, Jerusalem, Israel

12:55-14:45 LS2-Lunch Session-Sponsored by –  Pfizer 
Patient Tailored Approach in Anti-coagulation treatment – Decision Making in AFib

Chairs: TBA

Arthur Pollak, Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel

Eli Lev, Kampus Golda Hasharon, Rabin Medical Center, Petach Tikva, Israel

Doron Netzer, Meir Medical Center, Kfar-Saba, Israel

12:55-14:45 LS3-Lunch Session – Sponsored by – AstraZeneca
Novel Antiplatelet Agents for the Treatment of STEMI Patients

Chairs: TBA

The Effect of Ticagrelor in ACS – Platelet and Non Platelet Dependent Mechanisms
Doron Zahger

Why do I Use Ticagrelor in STEMI Patients
Elad Asher

Panel Discussion:
Modarator: Eugenia Nikolsky

Panel Members: Giora WeiszRonen RubinstienZaza Iakobishvili


 Plenary Session II
Plenary Joint Session with the American College of Cardiology and the Israel Heart Society
25 Years of Endothelial Studies in Humans: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Heading
Peter Ganz
Center of Excellence in Vascular Research, San Francisco General Hospital, University of California, San Francisco, California, USA
The Challenge of Low Flow Low Gradient Aortic Stenosis
Patrick T. O’Gara
President American College of Cardiology
The Digital Revolution in Cardiology
John G. Harold
President, American College of Cardiology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, LA, USA
Therapeutic Options in Patients with Refractory Angina
Shmuel Banai
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Cardiology, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Optimizing Antiplatelet Therapy in Diabetes Mellitus
Dominick J. Angiolillo
University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville, California, USA
Q & A
16:45-17:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit
17:00-18:30 Parallel Sessions
Intensive Care-Clinical Aspects of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors/ Pharmacotherapy
Interventional Cardiology- TAVI2
Pacing and Electrophysiology-Clinical Pacing
Cardiovascular Surgery
Heart Failure/ Myocardial/Pericardial Diseases-Non Invasive Monitoring in Heart Failure
Cardiac Imaging
Jan J. Kellermann Young Investigator Cardiology Awards
Thursday, May 1, 2014
 07:45 Registration
08:30-10:00 Parallel Sessions
Special Session in Memory of Richard S. Meltzer, MD
Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors/ Pharmacotherapy
Interventional Cardiology- Coronary
Cardiovascular Surgery
Joint Session: AFICARDIO- Challenges in Sports Medicine in Cardiology
Pacing and Electrophysiology-Basic Science
Basic Science
Pediatric Cardiology
10:00-10:30  Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit
10:30-12:50  Plenary Session III
Joint Session with the European Society of Cardiology
Scholarship & Awards of the Israel Heart Society
Jan J. Kellermann Young Investigator in Cardiology Awards
Michael Mirowski Excellence in Cardiology Award
Richard, Hilda and Ezra Meltzer Memorial Award
Daniel Shiran Outstanding Cardiology Resident Award
Best Publication & Abstract Awards
Mayo Clinic Fellowship Award
Merck Fellowship Awards
Orbotech Fellowship Award
Trireme Fellowship Award
Scholarship & Awards of the Israeli Society Cardiothoracic Surgery
Ami Cohen Young Investigator in Cardiac Surgery Awards
Hanoch Milwidsky Outstanding Cardiac Surgery Resident Awards
HDC-Dysfunction: Is Raising HDL-C Still a Therapeutic Option?
Thomas F. Lüscher
Editor-in-Chief, European Heart Journal, University Heart Center, Zurich,
SwitzerlandMultimodality Imaging in Coronary Artery Disease
Fausto J. Pinto
President- Elect, European Society of Cardiology, Lisbon Cardiovascular Institute, Lisbon, Portugal
CABG and PCI in 2014: Practice and Politics
David Taggart
University of Oxford, England
Genes, Cells, Cardiology
Moshe Flugelman
Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
12:50-14:45 Lunch & Lunch Sessions, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit
12:55-14:40 LS4- Lunch Session – Sponsored by – Rafa Labs
Multidisciplinary Approach in Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation

Chairs: Doron Zagher; Nathan Bornstein; Aharon Lubetsky, Israel

The Use of NOACs in an ACS Patient
Doron Zagher, Soroka Medical Center, Beer Sheva, Israel

STROKE in AF – The “Event” We Better Skip
Nathan Bornstein, Tel –Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Use of Noacs in a Patient with an Elevated Risk of Bleeding: What are the Solutions?
Aharon Lubetsky, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel

12:55-14:40 LS5-Lunch Session Sponsored by – Lilly
How to Optimally Tailor Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients with NSTEMI
Chairs: Dominick J. Angiolillo, USA; Shlomi Matezky; Ariel Rugin, IsraelHow to OptimallyTailor Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients with NSTEMI: What have we learned?Dominick J. Angiolillo, University of Florida College of Medicine, Jacksonville, CA, USACase PresentationPanel Discussion
12:55-14:40 LS6-Lunch Session – Sponsored by Itamar Medical 
Endothelial Function Assessment – Ready for Clinical Use
In the Management of CV Risk
Michael Shechter
Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel
As an Additional Marker to Target in Secondary Prevention
Amir Lerman
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA
Sleep Apnea Endothelial Dysfunction Association – Targeting the Two makes it Even Better
Giora Pillar
Carmel Medical Center, Haifa, Israel
14:00-15:50  Special Session- Pediatric Cardiology
14:45-15:45 Parallel Sessions
Intensive Care-Antiplatelet Therapy: Clinical and Laboratory Aspects
Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors/ Pharmacotherapy
Interventional Cardiology
Cardiovascular Surgery-EC
Myocardial / Pericardial Diseases, Heart Failure-Invasive Approaches to Heart Failure
Joint Session – Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) and Israel Heart Society
Echocardiography and Valvular Diseases
15:45-16:00 Coffee Break, Exhibition & E-Posters Visit, Exhibition
16:00-17:45 Parallel Sessions
Intensive Cardiac Care
Rehabilitation, Epidemiology, Prevention and Risk Factors/ Pharmacotherapy
Interventional Cardiology-TAVI & Structural
Pacing and Electrophysiology- Clinical
Myocardial Diseases
Echocardiography and Miscellaneous
Basic Science
17:45-18:30  Annual General Assembly of the Israel Heart Society